Knitted copper meshThis conductive tape is manufactured by knitting one or several tin plated wires. This is a remarkable product to overlap equipotential bonding when it is not possible to disconnect cables and to install tubular braid. Knitted wire mesh tape is also suitable for EMI shielding.  According to the number of layers overlapped, it can provide up to 80dB shielding effectiveness.


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  • Tubular knitted mesh, flat shape dual wall for EMI shielding


  • Different widths made of one or several tin plated copper wires


  • Copper wires in accordance with NF EN 13602


  • 4 layers spiral wounded with 30% to more than 50% overlap can reach 80dB shielding effectiveness.
  • Knitted tape can be used as shield connection in branch joints, light grounding.
  • Tin plated copper type provides verry good weldability


  • Other materials upon request
  • Other widths upon request
  • Adhesive tape optional


  • Rolls, cut lengths upon request