Flat bonding leads are manufactured from flat tubular braids with pressed ferrules at both extremities. Pressed ferrules offers better electrical contact on the connected surface compared with tin plating “massivation” without risk of braking the braided structure by powerful tightening between both parts.


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  • Highly flexible on flat section in repeated flexus in width direction. Thin braid installation in congested spaces.


  • Flat braid made of 0.20mm copper and tin plated copper wires
  • Tin plated copper pressed ferrule (squared)
  • Conductivity : 100% IACS


  • Copper wires according to NF EN 13 602.


  • Other constructions & design upon request
  • Other wires ∅ upon request
  • PVC, elastoner, silicon insulation upon request
  • Available with chamfered ferrule


  • All electrical flexible connections : contactors, disruptors, grounding leads, equipotential connections


  • Cardboard boxes : 25 / 50 / 150 pieces